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Our History

Small beginnings, lasting legacy

In January of 1932, a small yet determined group of Lutherans met to organize as the congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Saint Mark's Church. Unlike most congregations, Saint Marks began it's history as a self-supporting parish, relying on no financial assistance from the mother church to support it's work. 

Ground was broken for the existing church on March 30, 1942. The greater part of the work of erecting the chapel was donated by members of the congregation.  With not one exception, each man in the parish capable of working added his share of labor to this work of love for the chapel that was to be the culmination of 11 years of faithful devotion to one ideal. The church represents a measure of sacrifice made by only a small number of Christians that gladdens the heart and will inspire each one of them to even greater things. 

In 1973 the church changed it's name to St. Mark's Second Evangelical Lutheran Church. 

In 2009, St. Marks and St. Matthews Lutheran churches merged, and continue to meet at St. Mark's. 

Over the years, St. Marks has been active in our community, serving the needs of many missions, both local and national. We have a food pantry that started as a "traveling pantry" reaching out to support the needs of the many in our area, providing food, clothing and a smile. 

What began as a small mission church has grown into a dedicated Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, based completely on God's Holy Word and  Sacraments, constantly nurtured and led by the Holy Spirit to fulfill our mission to gather, renew and strengthen disciples for Christ. 



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